Visit Our Greenwood Village Auto Accident Specialist

At Genesis Wellness Clinic, our chiropractor in Greenwood Village welcomes anyone who was injured in a car accident and wants to find relief. Learn about some signs that you may have been hurt in an auto accident and need to see a car accident chiropractor.

When It’s Time to See a Denver Tech Center Chiropractor 

By seeing an auto accident chiropractor Greenwood Village and Denver Tech Center residents can make sure there are no injuries after a car accident and begin treatment for injuries that are present. Signs and symptoms of injury after an auto accident include stiffness, soreness, swelling, pain that does not go away after a couple of days, whiplash symptoms, back pain, or neck pain.

Whiplash typically arises in the days after an accident, not immediately after. If you feel confused, tired, dizzy, or nauseous, you could have whiplash.

Since these injuries all affect your spine, bones, and joints, you need a doctor who understands the way these parts of the body move and interact, and who can truly heal the muscles and bones that were harmed. Thus, a Greenwood Village chiropractor is the best choice of medical professional to treat auto accident injuries such as back pain, neck pain, or whiplash.

What to Expect When Seeing an Auto Accident Chiropractor in Greenwood Village

Our Denver Tech Center chiropractor is a car accident chiropractor. When you see us, we will examine your body and perform tests to see where the auto accident pushed your spine out of alignment. Our Greenwood Village chiropractor then makes gentle adjustments to your spine to re-create its natural alignment. This reduces pain and inflammation, while improving the nervous system’s ability to heal the body.

Learn More about Auto Accident Injury Treatments with our Greenwood Village Chiropractor

For total car accident recovery, we combine chiropractic with massage therapy, physiotherapy, and nutrition counseling. By combining all of these therapies, we help you heal faster and more completely.

To see our auto accident chiropractor Greenwood Village and Denver Tech Center residents should email us or call (720) 515-8002. The faster you start chiropractic, the faster you will recover from your auto accident injuries.

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