Chiropractic-35-300x200FAQs About Whiplash Treatment at Genesis Wellness Clinic

At Genesis Wellness Clinic, our Greenwood Village chiropractor, Dr. Johnson, treats whiplash that is the result of a car accident or personal or sports injury.

What is a whiplash injury?

A whiplash injury is an injury of the muscles and ligaments of the neck, where all the soft tissues are stretched beyond their useful ranges of motion. This often results in the individual experiencing neck pain and stiffness as well as severe headaches. If the sprain and strain are severe enough, it can even cause upper back and arm pain.

How do severe neck sprains and strains occur?

Severe neck sprains and strains usually occur during low-speed car accidents. The accident results in the driver’s upper body/neck/head being ricocheted between their seats and seat belts. Since the head and neck aren’t as well restrained as the rest of the body, the impact often results in the neck being forced outside of its normal range of motion.

Is it possible to have a neck injury if I haven’t been in a car accident?

Neck sprains and strains can occur anytime the head and neck are stretched beyond their useful range of motion. If you’ve recently fallen, been in another type of vehicle accident, even a bicycle accident, or gotten hit in the head with an object while playing sports, you could have a neck injury.

What kinds of whiplash treatment services does your car accident chiropractor offer?

Our car accident chiropractor offers several whiplash treatment options, including chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, corrective exercises and lifestyle advice. The treatment options offered by our Greenwood Village chiropractor are non-invasive and medication-free, which means they can be combined to create a complete neck injury treatment program, and they will not interfere with any treatments you are receiving from your family doctor.

How many treatments will I need from your auto accident chiropractor in Greenwood Village?

The exact number of treatments and the type of treatments you receive from our auto accident chiropractor in Greenwood Village will depend on the severity of your injury and your symptoms. Each treatment program is tailored to the individual, their injury and their recovery and health and wellness goals. Your treatment program cold last anywhere from several weeks to a few months.

Can I prevent future neck injuries from a car accident?

Unfortunately, neck injuries from car accidents are not entirely preventable. One thing you can do to limit your injury is to make sure your headrest is correctly positioned. This helps limit the backward motion of your head during an accident and may reduce the severity of any future neck injuries, but it unlikely to prevent them.

How do I schedule an appointment with your Greenwood Village and Denver Tech Center chiropractor?

You can schedule an appointment with our Greenwood Village and Denver Tech Center chiropractor by calling us at (720) 515-8002. We are currently offering free initial consultations for all new patients.