joint-pain-4-300x197Heat Therapy Treatment at a Denver Chiropractor

If you’ve ever had a common injury, such as a sprained ankle or a strained arm muscle, you’ve probably been told to ice or heat the area every few hours.

Have you ever wondered why this is an effective form of treatment for the injury? It’s the same reason that chiropractors prescribe heat therapy for some lower back pain.

We’ll now explain all about heat therapy, including what it is, what it does, and its benefits.

What Is Heat Therapy?

Heat therapy is a more advanced form of the heating treatment you’d do for yourself at home with an injury. This therapy is often administered by a chiropractor or other medical professional.

Heat therapy is most often used for lower back pain, particularly muscle strains. If a patient has overexerted themselves, has a sports injury, or has been in a car accident recently, their spinal muscles may be in poor shape. Not only that, but the soft tissue is affected, too.

You’ll notice a lot of pain and tenderness in this area. Circulation may have lessened as well.

How Does Heat Therapy Reduce Pain?

When a muscle is severely strained, it may spasm from time to time. This is incredibly painful, as you can imagine. The goal then is to reduce the rate of muscle spasms to control and even stop pain.

Used with exercise and/or physical therapy, heat therapy reduces pain in the following ways:

  • Better flexibility and mobility due to healthier connective tissue and muscles
  • The brain will send fewer pain signals as the skin’s sensory receptors are soothed by the heat
  • More nutrients and oxygen will be provided to the muscles as blood vessels dilate from the heat

What Are the Benefits?

Now that you know how heat therapy works, you may be wondering why it’s so beneficial for patients in pain. There are many reasons, including:

  • The treatment is simple: patients know what to expect, which may make them more likely to seek a medical professional for their pain
  • The patient can use heating therapy items like portable heat wraps at home to continue their treatment
  • The cost of heat therapy may be significantly lower compared to other pain treatments

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