Chiropractic-22-300x200Physical Therapy FAQs Answered by our Chiropractor in Greenwood Village

Physical therapy entails a number of techniques and methods used to help recovery and healing. At Genesis Wellness Clinic, Dr. Johnson helps patients set a recovery treatment plan through rehabilitative and functional exercise coaching. Our doctor assesses your condition and develops a plan for rehabilitation and treatment. The goal during physical therapy is to restore muscle function and return to an active healthy lifestyle.

How Does a Chiropractor Assess my Condition?

Our Physiotherapy certified chiropractor, Dr. Johnson, uses a number of techniques to assess your condition and this starts with learning your medical history to lay the foundation for your consultation with our doctor. Then, our doctor will examine you to determine where the pain is affecting your body. Next, you will go through a physical evaluation which may include a few x-rays. Once the doctor establishes what needs to be done, a customized plan for treatment will follow, including goals to help restore your body back to normal conditions.

Is Physical Therapy Suitable for my Condition on Injury?

We offer treatments catering to individuals who have been involved in automobile accidents, people who suffer from whiplash, have headaches, neck, back and shoulder pain. At Genesis Wellness Clinic, we’d be happy to discuss with you whether physical therapy is a suitable option for your treatment plan.

How is Physical Therapy Treatment Conducted?

Our physical therapy treatments involve stretching and strengthening exercises that restore the range of motion and flexibility. One of the main components of physical therapy is exercise, which can be performed using a treadmill, strengthening machines or other equipment that helps raise the legs and heal joints.

What Other Techniques are Used at Genesis Wellness Clinic?

We use deep tissue and orthopedic massage as part of our therapy regimen, including heat and ice methods. Other tools may include electrical stimulation, laser or light therapy, traction or ultrasound.

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