Chiropractic-3-300x200Reasons Why You Need Physical Therapy After an Auto Accident

Some injuries are obvious after an auto accident, and treatment is sought immediately. Broken bones are an example of a visible injury. However, other injuries aren’t so easy to spot. Whiplash is the most common injury in auto accidents. Most people assume that the pain of whiplash will go away within a few days. If they seek treatment of any type, they are given medication for pain and a neck brace. Back injuries are also very common with auto accidents.

Avoid Long-Term Problems

Unfortunately, these types of injuries can cause pain that lasts for years if they aren’t properly treated. One study found that 14% of people who had a whiplash injury still had pain eight years later. Auto accidents are believed to be the leading cause of chronic neck and back pain. Physical therapy can help you get better and reduce the risk of serious problems down the road. Many times therapy can begin quickly after the injury. This can help prevent more damage from occurring and reduce pain.

Aid in Healing and Recovery

Physical therapy will help repair the damaged tissues, and it can prevent the development of scar tissue. We will work with you to determine a treatment plan that works best for you, so you will be on the road to a full recovery. Physical therapy for injuries is usually divided into three phases. First is the healing phase. This includes rest and pain reduction. The second phase focuses on healing any damaged tissues. The third phase focuses on regaining movement and strength in the injured area.

Reduce Pain

There are several methods that can be used to relieve pain due to an auto accident injury. These include electrical stimulation, hot and cold therapy, ultrasound, and cold laser therapy. Electrical stimulation can help strengthen the muscle and promote healing and blocks pain signals. Hot and cold packs can be used to relieve pain and inflammation. Ultrasound works with sound waves and can help relax tense or strained muscles. Cold laser therapy can aid wound healing.

Increased Movement

Moving can actually help your body heal faster. Physical therapy can help you regain mobility by reducing stiffness, swelling, and pain. When you move, oxygenated blood and needed nutrients flow to the site, which aids in healing. Physical therapy can also ensure that you are moving correctly, which will help prevent further injury to the area.

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