Chiropractic-4-300x200Genesis Wellness Clinic: Physical Therapy in Greenwood Village

Dr. Johnson, our Greenwood Village chiropractor, is also chiropractic board certified in Physiotherapy. This means when patients come into our office they can have confidence every rehabilitation and recovery plan after an injury is customized for their particular condition and health status. The goal of physical therapy is to help our clients achieve a rapid recovery and a healthy lifestyle going forward. With Enhanced Rehabilitative and Functional Exercise coaching, patients address important issues such as building core strength, restoring weak muscles to healthy function and regaining proper posture and balance.

Additional Services That Support Exercise Programs

Functional exercises help patients maintain an active lifestyle. Our patients who are athletes and sports enthusiasts from Aurora, Thornton and other metropolitan Denver neighborhoods often need help managing their pain resulting from injuries while working through a series of physical therapy sessions.

We may also prescribe the following treatments as part of our standard Greenwood Village Physical Therapy protocol.

  • Electrical Stimulation: Sending electric charges into the injured area promotes healing and enhances pain management strategies. One type of electrical stimulation involves attaching electrodes to the skin to deliver targeted charges to a single muscle or group of muscles. This process helps strengthen the muscle as it contracts in response to the charge.

Another form of electric stimulation is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, more commonly referred to as a TENS unit. When electrical charges are delivered via electrodes attached to the skin, the sensation blocks pain messages from the brain to the affected area.

  • Hot Packs: Applied in a moist wrap to the affected area, hot packs aid in circulation, reducing swelling and inflammation.
  • Cold Packs: Reduce inflammation by causing vasoconstriction of the blood vessels surrounding the injured joint, muscle or tissue.
  • Ultrasound: Delivers sound waves deep into the muscles and tissues, warming the area, which helps to relax tension and reduce spasms that cause pain.
  • Cold Laser Therapy: Facilitates wound healing while relieving pain with low-level laser light designed to alter cellular function. While this therapy is not recommended for all injuries, it is highly beneficial for recovering faster from some injuries that involve slow healing wounds.

Successful recovery often requires several treatment modalities. The key to helping our Greenwood Village patients return to normal daily activities is providing a wide range of treatment options from massage and sports tapping to supervised functional exercise and postural re-training techniques.

Customizing a Physical Therapy Treatment Plan

There is no one-size-fits-all physical therapy plan for our patients. Each injury and wellness challenge is different. That is why Dr. Johnson, our chiropractor, works closely with our patients from Greenwood Village, Aurora, DTC and the surrounding area to develop a health recovery and maintenance plan specifically for their condition and their goals for recovery.

If you or a loved one are struggling to recover from a sports injury or car accident and you need help managing daily pain, we can help. Call Genesis Wellness Clinic at (720) 515-8002 today to schedule an evaluation or to discuss the many benefits of a customized physical therapy plan designed just for you.