Plantar-Fasciitis-300x200Personal Injury Treatment at Genesis Wellness Clinic

The term “personal injury” refers to any kind of physical damage to your person (as opposed to equipment, property or other possessions.) Many personal injuries involve acute or chronic damage to vertebral structures, muscles, and connective tissues — and if they include nerve impingement, the symptoms you experience may extend well beyond the injury itself. Fortunately, Genesis Wellness Clinic can help you get over your personal injury.

Common Personal Injuries Seen by Our Greenwood Village Chiropractor

Personal injuries can occur in many different environments and under many different circumstances. Our Greenwood Village chiropractor commonly sees such examples as:

  • Auto accident injuries – Auto accidents can cause multiple injuries to your vertebrae, joints and soft tissues, including the notoriously painful neck injury known as whiplash. Seat belt injuries and sciatica are other common musculoskeletal outcomes.
  • Household injuries – Slip and fall injuries can easily occur in and around the home, producing herniated discs and painfully pinched nerves. Even routine household tasks can cause you to wrench your back, neck or extremity joints.
  • Workplace injuries – Workplace injuries can vary widely in nature, from a fall or collision that throws your spine out of alignment to repetitive motion injuries caused by years of unnatural bending, twisting or stooping.
  • Sports injuries – Sports injuries can cause sudden, acute spinal subluxation, herniated discs, pinched nerves and torn muscles. But an unbalanced body can also affect your sports technique and make you more vulnerable to overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Our Conservative, Non-Invasive Approach to Personal Injury Care

Our chiropractor in Greenwood Village, Dr. Clyde Johnson, can provide conservative care methods to treat your personal injury, sparing you from heavy painkillers or major surgery. The first step is a careful evaluation of the injury itself. If your personal injury involves chronic strain or soft tissue overuse, we will also evaluate your stance, gait, spinal alignment, workplace ergonomics and lifestyle to discover why and how you developed this issue.

Chiropractic adjustments can prove remarkably effective for relieving personal injuries. By adjusting your vertebrae, vertebral discs or extremity joints back into their proper positions, our chiropractor in Greenwood Village can reduce pain and stiffness at the injury site while also taking the pinch off of pinched nerves. A more normal spinal alignment also permits your muscles to support your body more evenly, reducing soft tissue strains and pains. Massage therapy, physical therapy, corrective exercises, and lifestyle/ergonomic adjustments can all become part of your personalized injury program, helping your body heal itself and avoid recurrences of the injury.

Our Greenwood Village and Denver Tech Center Chiropractor Can Help You Recuperate

Don’t let a personal injury get you down and keep you down. Put yourself back on track toward a complete, safe, natural recovery with the aid of Genesis Wellness Clinic. Call (720) 515-8002 to schedule an appointment with our Greenwood Village and Denver Tech Center chiropractor!