nutrition_1920-300x200Nutrition and Wellness Counseling at Genesis Wellness Clinic In Greenwood Village

If you are searching for a nutritionist in Greenwood Village, explore Genesis Wellness Clinic for superior nutritional guidance. Our chiropractor, Dr. Johnson, lives by the understanding that when your body is at its best, you are healthier, less prone to sickness and injuries and more active. A large piece of this healthy puzzle lies in nutritional counseling. Dr. Johnson welcomes residents of Greenwood Village, Thornton, Aurora, Denver, the DTC area and other local communities to visit Genesis Wellness Clinic to discover how a healthy diet leads to a healthy life. Our health team is excited to educate you on the value of proper nutrition. The foods you consume make a large difference in the way you feel and how your body recovers from illness and injuries.

Greenwood Village Nutritionist

Our Greenwood Village nutritionist and chiropractor use an individualized approach to your nutrition and wellness counseling. First, Dr. Johnson gathers information about your health history, your current eating habits and may also use blood tests to analyze your body at a cellular level. Through extensive blood work we are able to tell which areas need strengthening. Whether this change comes from a new variety of foods or a vitamin supplement, we take your body from good to great. As we examine your blood levels, we can stop future health concerns before they become major problems. For example, if your blood glucose levels are rising, this may be a symptom of diabetes. Through dietary and exercise recommendations, we typically are able to stop diabetes from progressing and return your body to a higher functioning level. Some of the other levels we monitor are your cholesterol, sodium, calcium, potassium, Vitamin D, red blood cell and white blood cell counts.

Our nutritional counseling services are designed with you in mind. We look at which foods cause allergic reactions so we can educate you on the value of avoiding these foods. Allergic reactions can trigger inflammation which leads to an increase in pain and we are here to help you reduce your pain. Healthy nutrition also supports our chiropractic adjustments. As your body gets stronger and has the proper combinations of fuel, vitamins and nutrients, our adjustments are more effective. We want you to discover the value of healthy eating and the ways it carries into each area of your life. The sooner you begin eating healthy, the sooner your body repairs itself and you feel better.

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Dr. Johnson supports you throughout your lifestyle changes. He makes suggestions that fit your lifestyle and you will find your family benefits from eating healthier too. If your goals include weight loss, a proper diet is half the battle toward eliminating excess weight and reducing your health risks. We offer free consultations for new patients and will discuss our nutrition and wellness counseling with you as well. Do not hesitate. The time to make changes is now, so please call us at (720) 515-8002 to schedule your consultation.