massage-therapy-300x200Frequently Asked Questions About Our Massage Therapy Services

If you’re familiar with Genesis Wellness Clinic, you know that we provide natural, safe, non-invasive answers to a variety of wellness issues. But how much do you know about our massage therapy services? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about massage at our South Denver chiropractic center.

What exactly is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a method of manipulating muscles and other soft tissues. This manipulation may be administered either with the hands or with the aid of specialized instruments.

How well-established is massage therapy as a healing modality?

Massage therapy is believed to go back thousands of years as a healing modality. Ancient Indian, Egyptian, and Chinese healers all recognized the healing benefits of massage. It is definitely no new thing in the medical world!

What are the health benefits of massage therapy?

Massage therapy can convey a number of health and wellness benefits to the body. These include enhanced circulation (of both blood and lymph), muscle cramp and spasm control, reduced inflammation, improved range of motion, faster healing, and natural pain relief through the release of natural painkillers called endorphins.

Why is chiropractic massage therapy valuable?

Chiropractic adjustment and massage naturally go together. Chiropractic massage therapy can loosen and relax your muscles before an adjustment session, allowing the adjustment to be even more effective.

Why do you offer multiple massage techniques?

Different types of massage convey different benefits. For example, the light strokes of Swedish massage work primarily on surface tissues to ease tension and speed healing. By contrast, deep tissue massage focuses on freeing up trapped tissues deeper inside the body as a treatment for chronic pain and stiffness.

Can pregnant women safely receive massage therapy?

Pregnant women can indeed receive massage therapy — and they probably should. Safe, gentle massage practices can ease prenatal discomfort and optimize the expectant mother’s wellness throughout pregnancy. It can make an ideal complement to prenatal chiropractic adjustments.

When does your chiropractor recommend sports massage?

Our chiropractor may recommend sports massage if you’re suffering from either an acute sports injury or an old, nagging injury in which internal scar tissue has formed. You may also benefit from sports massage to loosen muscles, ligaments, and tendons before a competition. Sports massage is equally beneficial for athletes of any skill level.

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