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When you’re plagued by injuries, you may feel as if your life has been commandeered by unwanted guests who cannot be persuaded to leave. If you’re tired of the physical pains and functional limitations imposed by acute and/or chronic injuries, turn to Genesis Wellness Clinic. Our injury treatment center in Denver CO offers a number of safe, non-surgical rehabilitation services and techniques to help you relieve yourself of nagging injury symptoms the natural way.

How Injuries Affect Your Quality of Life

The complex structures of the human body are vulnerable to many different types of injury-related damage. Examples include:

  • Strains that cause inflammation and scarring in muscles and tendons
  • Sprains, or stretched/ruptured ligaments
  • Subluxation, a subtle dislocation of joints that may cause pain and dysfunction in the spinal column or extremities
  • Disc herniation, in which the disc’s inflammatory inner material pokes through a breach in the outer casing
  • Pinched nerves or nerve roots, a common cause of pain, tingling, numbness or weakness in the limbs

A serious accident may produce several acute injuries at the same time. For example, whiplash from an auto accident can leave you with strained neck muscles, herniated cervical discs, subluxated vertebrae and pinched cervical nerve roots. Even a longstanding chronic injury can cause an unfortunate combination of degenerative joint pain, ongoing muscle stiffness and pain syndromes such as sciatica. This means that successful treatment of such as injury often calls for a holistic or “whole body approach,” with multiple healing modalities working to address your various symptoms at their sources.

A Variety of Rehabilitation and Pain Relief Options

Bring your aches and pains to our injury treatment center in Denver for comprehensive, individualized care. Our chiropractor, Dr. Johnson, will examine your spine, joints and other components while discussing your symptoms, medical history and lifestyle, including any recent accident you may have experienced. This gives us a firm basis for prescribing a mix of conservative rehabilitation and pain relief solutions such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustment – If you’re in acute pain, we can administer chiropractic urgent care to normalize your joint alignment and take pressure off of nerve roots. Chronic injury pain may also benefit from adjustments that correct causes of muscle strain.
  • Massage therapy – We can perform a variety of massage techniques to suit your particular injury. In addition to boosting blood flow and easing painful inflammation, we can use massage to release muscle knots and internal scar tissue.
  • Physical therapy – Our medical clinic can put you back to the road to wellness through physical therapy techniques such as stretches and strength-building exercises. We can also prescribe heat/cold therapy, cold laser treatment and/or ultrasound therapy for your condition.

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