man-1245658_1280-300x200Primary Care from Our Greenwood Village Chiropractor

If always assumed that the only time to see a chiropractor is when you’re suffering from acute neck or back pain, you’re missing out on the many other health and wellness benefits to be gained from this form of care. The truth is that Our Greenwood Village chiropractor, Dr. Johnson, can provide you and your family with preventative wellness services, injury treatment and chronic pain management through our holistic approach to healing and non-surgical methods, making our clinic a valued primary care resource.

Chiropractic care can no longer be relegated to the fringes of alternative medicine. Every state in the U.S. recognizes this discipline as a form of primary health care. Primary care is the first line of defense for most patients against disease and injury. The primary care provider must therefore be able to evaluate the body for health problems, identify risk factors for future medical issues and administer treatment for existing diseases, disorders and symptoms.

Our chiropractor in Greenwood Village can fulfill this role as family health provider perfectly. For one thing, you don’t need a referral to see a chiropractor. For another, Dr. Johnson is licensed to provide such primary care essentials as taking your medical history, performing physical exams, make diagnoses based on evaluation results, treat health problems and offer specialist co-management or referrals as needed.

Our chiropractor in Greenwood Village is also uniquely equipped to handle an extremely broad range of ailments and issues, not just back or neck injuries. That’s because of the central role the spine and spinal cord play in your overall health and wellness. When a spinal misalignment affects your nervous system’s ability to relay messages throughout the body, it’s only logical that your body cannot heal itself or even manage its everyday operations as well as it should. This general dysfunction opens the door to all kinds of systemic failures and chronic health problems, from hypertension and weak disease immunity to chronic pain syndromes. Periodic “spinal checkups” and incremental adjustments can therefore be of immense value for maintaining optimal well being.

Your Trusted Primary Care Provider for the Thornton, Aurora, Denver and DTC Area

Our integrative health approach is another strong reason to rely on Genesis Wellness Clinic for primary care in the Thornton, Aurora, Denver and DTC area. Our focus on treating the underlying cause of your problem (instead of simply muting the symptoms with drugs) provides safer, longer-lasting relief for many health issues than pharmaceuticals. We also recognize the need to optimize the delicate interactions between your body’s many components and systems. To achieve this goal, we employ a number of natural methods (not just spinal adjustment) to address these various aspects of your health. Call (720) 515-8002 to learn more about our Greenwood Village chiropractor’s primary care services and capabilities!