Proper Workplace Ergonomics

The ergonomic practices used while on the job can make a difference in the way your body feels at the end of the day. Using poor ergonomics can lead to a work injury like a painful back or neck. At the first signs of body pain caused by workplace ergonomic failures, contact Genesis Wellness Clinic in Greenwood Village, CO, for an assessment by our chiropractor. Here is some information about using correct ergonomics while at work and how our chiropractor can help if you are suffering from pain.

Make Sure to Take Frequent Breaks

If your job requires that you sit or stand for extended periods of time, you may find that back pain, circulation troubles, or neck discomfort can settle into the body. Make sure to take breaks to move your body around. Set a timer for a specific time interval and walk while stretching your body to get your blood circulating and reduce muscle soreness.

Use the Right Furniture for Your Job

The furniture you use makes an impact on your performance. It can also help or hinder pain. Make sure to use a lumbar support pillow if you are expected to sit often. Keep your computer at eye-level so neck pain does not occur. A sit-stand desk allows you to alter your position frequently as well.

See Our Chiropractor as Soon as Pain is Felt

If you are suffering from pain that is the direct result of poor ergonomic choices at work, a trip to our chiropractor for an evaluation may help. Our practitioner will ask you questions pertaining to your job duties and the practices you use while at work. If you are suffering from pain, spinal adjustments may be useful in stopping it from escalating in intensity. Adjustments will help to promote healing of the body, and most people find them to be beneficial after they are conducted.

Visit Our Clinic in Greenwood Village for Treatment

If you are suffering from pain, contact Genesis Wellness Clinic in Greenwood Village, CO, for treatment. Call our chiropractor today at (720) 515-8002.

Do you have any tips on preventing a work injury? Let us know.

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