Greenwood Village Sports Injury FAQ

Participating in sporting activities can make you more likely to suffer an injury at some point. Luckily, chiropractic care provides effective sports injury treatment. Genesis Wellness Clinic has provided the area of Greenwood Village, CO, with treatment for sports injuries and other issues for years, and we can help you too.

What are Common Sports Injuries?

Playing sports – especially contact sports – opens a person up to the possibility of a number of different injuries. Some of the most common include whiplash, herniated disc, joint dislocation, and soft tissue damage to the back, neck, and extremities.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the seven most common injuries suffered in sports – from least common to most – are:

  1. Tennis elbow
  2. Patellofemoral syndrome
  3. Hamstring strain
  4. Groin pulls
  5. ACL tear
  6. Ankle sprain
  7. Shin splints

What is Chiropractic Sports Injury Treatment?

Chiropractic care centers on utilizing an integrated approach and non-invasive methods to restore proper function to the body’s structures. This allows the body to better heal itself and restores patients to peak wellness, allowing them to achieve a higher quality of life. Among the most common sports injury treatments are therapeutic massage, sports taping, and manual spinal manipulation.

The technique of manual spinal manipulation is a staple for chiropractic care. It restores alignment and balance to the spine, relieving tension and allowing the body to function properly.

Sports taping uses the application of textured tape in specific ways as a form of compression therapy. This therapy is designed to improve posture, correct the flow of lymphatic fluids, and change muscle tone.

Deep tissue massage therapy – whether manual or via tools designed for this purpose – helps to repair sports injuries. It is effective for restoring muscular mobility and breaking up myofascial scar tissue. This then lowers pain, reduces overall recovery time, improves range of motion, promotes flexibility, and reduces the likelihood of future injury.

Let Us Provide Treatment for Your Injuries

Our chiropractor can help you recover so you can get back to the activities you enjoy. For more information, give Genesis Wellness Clinic a call at (720) 515-8002, stop by our office in Greenwood Village, CO, or schedule an appointment online today!

Do you have experience with chiropractic treatment for a sports injury? Let us know all about it by joining – or starting – the conversation in the comments section.

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