General Wellness Care From Our Greenwood Village Chiropractor

At Genesis Wellness Clinic, our Greenwood Village chiropractor is committed to serving patients in the surrounding areas with general wellness care, sports rehab, and so much more. Ultimately, our goal is to help patients of all ages achieve greater health and wellness through holistic, non-invasive, and drug-free chiropractic care. In addition to chiropractic treatments and sports injury rehab in Aurora CO, we’re also proud to offer massage therapy services to our patients.

Massage Therapy for Stress Reduction and More

There are countless benefits patients can enjoy when they combine their chiropractic treatments with massage therapy, including stress reduction. The two work so well together and support healthy outcomes, especially among those in sports rehab with sports-related injuries or those who have recently been injured in an accident. Specifically, focused massage therapy techniques can support the effects of chiropractic adjustments and other therapies. Furthermore, massage therapy can improve blood and oxygen circulation to specific areas of the body, which in-turn promotes the body’s own natural healing processes.

In fact, many patients who add massage therapy services to their chiropractic care find that they enjoy relief from their symptoms, including back pain, neck pain, and other common ailments. And of course, there are mood and emotional benefits that come along with massage therapy. Specifically, many patients find that massage therapy boost their energy levels and improves their mood.

It is important for patients to realize, however, that not all massage therapy is the same. Going into a local spa and getting a massage will not yield the same results as having a targeted massage at a chiropractic clinic, where your massage therapy can be coordinated with your other treatments for optimal results.

Schedule Your Appointment With Our Aurora Chiropractor Today

If you’re interested in finding out more about our massage therapy or other services, such as sports injury rehab in Aurora CO, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our Aurora chiropractor today. You can reach Genesis Wellness Clinic by giving us a call at (720) 515-8002.

Will you consider massage therapy for your health and wellness?

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