Chiropractic-35-300x200.Auto Accident FAQs: Answers from our Greenwood Village Chiropractor

After a car crash, our auto accident chiropractor helps treat injuries with a musculoskeletal component. If it’s your first time seeing an auto accident chiropractor in Greenwood Village, you may have questions about chiropractic. We’ve got answers.

When should I see a chiropractor in Greenwood Village?

The sooner after the auto accident you see a chiropractor, the better off you are. Even if you do not feel like you are in pain, come get checked out by our chiropractor in Greenwood Village. Pain often takes weeks to materialize, especially with conditions like whiplash. We can determine if anything is going on before you feel pain, beginning treatment right away.

Who pays for a car accident chiropractor after an auto accident? 

This depends. If you were not at fault, and you were injured in the accident, the other’s driver’s auto insurance may pay for a certain amount of medical care. If your auto insurance includes personal injury projection, then your car insurance may cover the injuries. Your medical insurance is another source of coverage. After an auto accident, you need to worry about recovering from injuries and not about paying bills. Let our staff investigate car accident chiropractor insurance coverage for you while you focus on getting well.

Why should I see a chiropractor vs. a PCP after an auto accident? 

Auto accidents place your bone and spines under a great deal of pressure. This often causes subluxations of the spine, as well as back pain, whiplash, and other injuries. A chiropractor can check your musculoskeletal system for injuries and heal any injuries resulting from the accident that are musculoskeletal in nature. This is our Greenwood Village chiropractor’s focus. Our chiropractor can refer you to a PCP or work together with a PCP, each treating the injuries they are best equipped to handle.

What are the signs of whiplash? 

Whiplash typically comes on days to weeks after the accident. Symptoms are different in everyone, but many individuals feel neck pain, shoulder pain, or arm pain. Some people get headaches or migraines, while others feel confused or tired, nauseous, or dizzy. If you have any of these symptoms, come see a Denver Tech Center chiropractor.

What methods do you use for car accident injury treatment? 

Our Denver Tech Center chiropractor uses a variety of methods to treat your auto accident injuries. We make chiropractic adjustments to relieve neck pain, back pain, headaches, and other auto accident injuries. Many people have bruises, swelling, and soft tissue injury from the force of the accident. We offer massage therapy for soft tissue healing. These treatments promote fresh blood flow and release toxins trapped in muscle. The end result is faster healing without the use of medication.

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