Chiropractic-45-300x200Auto Accident Treatment In Greenwood Village, CO

Going through an auto accident impacts your situation and lifestyle. When an auto accident injury interferes with your daily activities or causes discomfort in your body, you may need treatment from a chiropractor. At our clinic in Greenwood Village, we offer solutions to help with auto accident injury in Greenwood Village and the surrounding areas.

Common Injuries

Injuries from a car accident depend on several factors. You may have a car seat belt injury, whiplash or any other injury to your body from the impact with another vehicle or object. Whether you notice neck pain, back pain or general discomfort, a chiropractic professional offers treatment to help with personal goals.

Common injuries you may receive in a car accident include:

  • Broken bones
  • Whiplash
  • Pulled or strained muscles
  • Head injuries
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Bruising
  • Cuts

Car accident treatment Greenwood Village solutions depend on your situation. At Genesis Medical and Injury Rehab Center, we offer solutions to help with auto accident injuries in the DTC area.

What to Expect From Our Greenwood Chiropractor

An auto accident in Greenwood Village or the surrounding areas requires treatment from a professional. At our clinic, we offer treatment solutions from a Greenwood Village chiropractor based on the severity of your injuries and the situation.

A chiropractor evaluates your injuries by using appropriate diagnostic tests. We identify the cause of your pain and then develop an appropriate treatment plan based on your situation. Before providing any treatment, we use an x-ray and check for potential complications. For example, if you have a broken bone, then we may refer you to an appropriate doctor for a cast or further evaluation. For injuries like whiplash, muscle pain and back pain, we use chiropractic treatments, massage therapy and related treatment solutions to help reduce the pain and improve your mobility.

Expect a professional environment with careful attention to detail regarding your treatment needs. We develop a personalized treatment plan after identifying the cause of your discomfort and pain.

Managing Treatment Costs

At our clinic, you have different options to pay for treatment costs. Our team serves the Denver, Thornton, Aurora and Greenwood Village areas, so we work with several individuals to help with long-term healing and recovery after an accident.

We will bill your auto insurance or at fault auto insurance provider for the treatment costs. In most cases, your policy offers coverage to pay for a portion or the full cost of treatment after an auto accident injury. The exact details of your policy may vary, so evaluate the details to determine the full amount of coverage under your specific plan. Treatment costs do not generally exceed the limits in most policies, but your insurance provider may require a deductible or similar fees before your coverage applies. Consider the details when seeking treatment for injuries to clarify the final costs.

Treating an injury is essential when you get into an auto accident in the Denver or Greenwood Village area. To learn more about our treatments or for an appointment, contact us today.