yoga-1812695_1280-300x201Chiropractic Services with Genesis Wellness Clinic in Aurora, CO

If you’re searching for the very best chiropractic services in Aurora, CO, and the surrounding areas, then Genesis Wellness Clinic is the solution you need. With a focus on our customers’ needs, you’ll always be in good hands when you make an appointment with us. Whether you were just involved in a car accident or you’re trying to recover from an injury that happened years ago, our health professionals can find a treatment plan to give you the fast results you’re looking for. We help relieve the following conditions:

Spinal Issues 

Given that our spines are a very fragile and intricate part of our bodies, problems can happen very easily. Through our spinal manipulation treatment, our experts will use special techniques to make adjustments to your pain, which should provide comfort and pain relief.

Auto Accident Injuries 

The unfortunate truth is car accidents can happen at any time. Furthermore, you never know how severe they can be. Given the intensity of car accidents, they can throw your neck and spine out of whack very easily. Luckily, Genesis Wellness Clinic is here to get you back to a healthy life with our auto accident injury treatment.

Work Injuries

Sometimes injuries happen when you’re on the job. While you try to recover from your health issues, you might have to miss some work. Our chiropractors and health experts can help you get back to a normal-functioning life through our personalized treatment plans.

Neck Pain

Even the slightest movement in the wrong direction can mess up our necks drastically. But when neck injuries happen from a high-intensity movement, you can be left with neck problems for years. Genesis Wellness Clinic is here to limit your pain with a reliable treatment plan for your needs.

Lower Back Pain

The lower back involves an area that is very susceptible to injury. In fact, most adults experience lower back problems at some point in their lives. Luckily, we have tons of experience solving lower back pain issues, so call us for the fastest results in the industry.


Whether you’re recovering from a spinal injury or you’ve had them for life, headaches can be very frustrating to deal with. With our chiropractic care and health treatment plans, we can help combat your annoying headache issues.

Sport-Related Injuries

As millions of Americans are involved in some sort of sport, sports injuries are very common. Luckily, our team of health experts knows what it takes to help battle these injuries and get these athletes back in the game.

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