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Welcome to Genesis Wellness Clinic in Greenwood Village, CO that also serves South Denver, Aurora and Denver Tech Center. Our chiropractic services will improve your health without excess pharmaceutical use.

Your Greenwood, Village Pain Relief Solution

Maybe you were a victim in a car wreck and now days later are experiencing neck, head or shoulder pain. Otherwise, you may have slipped or fallen at work, home or another location. If so, we can also provide care for your lower back to treat herniated discs caused by recent injuries or general wear and tear. We use spinal manipulation to place your vertebrae back where they belong and decompression to relieve vertebrae pressure. We also apply exercises to help you move, work and play again like you did before your injury.

Auto Accident Injury and Other South Denver Treatments

We provide whiplash pain relief for the back, neck or shoulders. Our South Denver team also will assign you exercises that will improve range of motion. Spinal vertebrae adjustments, spinal stretching and physical therapy all can alleviate pressure and improve mobility. We also treat sports or other personal injuries you might have that caused a herniated disc, muscle sprains or ligament tears.

Aurora Treatment for Personal and Accident Injuries

Your Aurora chiropractor will adjust your vertebrae and relieve tension from your spine and offer you massages to loosen up your muscles and reduce stress. In addition, we will recommend physical therapy routines that will improve your ability to move your head, neck, shoulders or arms. If you need help with treating a ruptured disc or spine curvature issues, we can assist with that as well. Our chiropractic solutions also help in the case of torn ligaments and stiff joints and can help you regain muscle strength.

Denver Tech Center Treatments Available

Your Greenwood Village, CO chiropractor also provides services to Denver Tech Center patients. Whether it be tech neck from sitting at your office all day or whiplash from a recent car accident, we have wellness solutions you need. Our spinal adjustment and compression will provide you with back, neck, shoulder or head pain and pressure relief. In addition, we provide long-term physical therapy and massages for restoring movement and improved circulation and nerve functioning.

Contact Genesis Wellness Clinic Today

If you’re ready to feel better, please contact Genesis Wellness Clinic at (720) 515-8002 to make an appointment. You can also use our online form or stop in our Greenwood Village, CO center today to schedule a meeting time with us.